thinkREPUTATION is intuitive software. It  allows you to collect feedback from your customers, capture and post the positive feedback so it can be seen all over the internet and funnel  the negative feedback to your email. It’s that simple.

We want to make sure you are off to a great start quickly. Our average turn around time is 2-business days. Once you sign up we will send you a secure document for you to share the necessary details for us to get started. We generally send the first draft within 1-business day. We will ask you some specific questions to direct your attention to areas of the survey where your input is required. After we receive your feedback you are live the next business day!

We are a marketing company first. We believe your brand should always be consistent. We will utilize your company, logo, colors, fonts, images and anything else you use as part of your unique brand to ensure consistency on your Client Review System. Here are a few samples:



thinkREPUTATION has everything you need in one place to manage your solicit feedback from customers, capture and post positive feedback to the world and funnel negative feedback to your email. Your client review system includes:


No contract is required.

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We recommend sending the survey out immediately at the end of a transaction. The sooner you send it out the more likely you are to receive immediate gratification.